Death​(​A Blessing in Disguise​)​/​Dreams

by Orgullo Primitivo/Primitive Orgasm

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Dreams is a song that I wrote when I was a mere 12 years old. I was enduring a dramatic bout of sleep paralysis, which I've suffered from chronically since I was 8. I was at a severe breaking point which plummeted me deep into a depression. My daily life consisted of anxiety and isolation because of the demons and spirits which I felt were visiting me during these bouts of sleep paralysis. I would wake up everyday not able to move my body but still capable of seeing the room as it actually appeared yet interspersed with visions of archetypal dark figures trying to haunt, molest, and abuse me or trying to communicate things I was too scared to wrap my head around. I have an Incubus/Succubus Complex so to speak. The words still mean a lot to me even 15 years after having written them regardless of their naivete due to the fact that I still am cursed with this almost daily yet sometimes seasonal burden. I am caught in between a world of people who diagnose these problems with polarized skepticism and superstition and therefore feel quite isolated in this problem as its a condition that only affects 6% of humans. This record is dedicated to those who deal with personal demons such as I've experienced. This does not serve as a banishing of these forces but more so the patience and ability to come to a level of acceptance and understanding of them.


released July 31, 2013
Recorded at the Ochre House Theatre in Dallas, TX on September 10th, 2012. The spoken word intro as done by Primitive Orgasm is Stefan Gonzalez Ginger Berry, Matthew Posey, Mitchell Parrack, and Justin Locklear. Vibraphone, drums, and screaming is Stefan Gonzalez



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